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If you are looking for a complete,  self-contained air conditioning system for your home or office building, a ducted system could be the solution you are looking for.

A home with ducted heating in Canberra

Advanced Ducted Heating in Canberra

Modern Ducts

The benefits of a ducted system

When you install a ducted heating and air conditioning system, the air is heated in a single heating unit, located outside the house, and is then circulated throughout your Canberra home. Heat flows through your ducts and streams out through the vents in each room.

The ducted heating method comes with many important benefits. Most importantly, it can quickly heat your whole home or business, instead of just one room. You won’t have to gather in the living room to stay warm while your bedroom feels like the Arctic. Plus, it disperses the warm air equally between rooms.

Additionally, because the heating center is placed outdoors, your system will work quietly. Your guests won’t even know it’s there. Unlike other types of units, it works the same in both hot and cold weather.

Modern ducted heating systems give you the power to choose which rooms you want to heat and which you don’t. This ability can help you save money on energy costs and help the environment as well.

Choose Ducted Systems from Bell-Air

At Bell-Air Air Conditioning Pty Ltd, we have more than 45 years of experience selling and installing superior ducted air systems in Canberra, featuring the highly-regarded Daikin systems. We can help you find a system that works with your price range.

Our employees work tirelessly to meet your heating and cooling needs. We install your system and then clean up after ourselves, leaving your home or business looking better than we found it. If your ducted heating system isn’t working as well as you’d like, we can quickly get it working again. We also offer regular maintenance plans to ensure continued functionality.

Our local Canberra business looks forward to enhancing your home or business comfort. Call us for a free home visit, and we can answer all your questions about ducted systems.

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