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Floor consoles are fitted into interior walls at floor level. They are not only highly efficient, but also stylish and good-looking. Floor consoles can be fitted with louver style blades at the top and bottom to facilitate improved air distribution into the room.

Unlike the wall hung versions that have to work hard to force the cool air downwards into a warm room, the floor console is already at ground level. Coupled with the fact that warmer air in a room rises, it also expends less energy controlling the air temperature.

Floor console, one of the different types of air conditioning systems

We Offer Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Floor Mounted Units

The benefits of floor consoles

These highly functional units are usually part of a split system, offering a number of unique operating advantages over the conventional wall hung units. One such benefit is that certain models can be semi-recessed into the wall cavity, offering both a space saving and improved aesthetic qualities against the wall hung version.

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