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The wall hung configuration of the split system air conditioning unit is comprised of an outdoor condenser/compressor and indoor fan evaporator unit. It derives its name from its positioning on the internal components of the inside wall of the room. Wall hung air cons are one of the most commonly used configurations for domestic and commercial applications.

Split Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation in Canberra

A home after air conditioning installation in Canberra

The benefits of a wall hung air conditioner

Split system wall hung air cons are ideal for a  single room air conditioning installation and larger open plan living areas. They are also available in multi-head configurations where a single outdoor compressor supplies multiple indoor fan units. The indoor unit or units are connected to the outdoor compressor via insulated pipe work to maintain the temperature of the refrigerant as it passes between the two components.

Wall hung air cons of the split system type can provide extremely accurate temperature control for both cooling and heating. They usually incorporate remote control operation with heating/cooling functionality, programmable timing, dehumidification and fan control settings. Bell-Air Air Conditioning Pty Ltd is a maintenance agent for some of the country’s leading manufacturers of split system wall hung air conditioners. 

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